SpaceClaim Joint Webinar

Enmesh will hold a joint webinar with SpaceClaim titled; Simulation Driven Product Design with Enmesh and SpaceClaim Direct Modeling, on Wednesday, June 15th, 10:00-10:30am EST.

We are very exited about this and encourage everyone interested to register for the webinar.

Read more about it and register on SpaceClaim's website: SpaceClaim Webinars

Friday, May 27, 2011 - 17:11

GoSimulate 1.2

The latest version of GoSimulate has been released today, with some notable improvements.

The much requested support for Imperial Units has been added. A powerful unit configuration dialog allows you to set up your own system of units. Feel free to mix and match to your own liking.

We have added multilingual support and as the first language besides English, we have translated GoSimulate to Chinese. Of course, as Enmesh is based in Sweden, expect the Swedish version soon.

The handling of cases has undergone a major make over. The new design on of the right hand Property Panel aims to emphasize the hierarchy of cases and simplify usage when for instance comparing cases, looking at a case solution history. Stability has been greatly improved, managing multiple cases with ease.

We feel that the unusually long release interval this time is compensated by the progress that this version brings.

Friday, May 27, 2011 - 16:57

GoSimulate 1.1 Released

Today, Enmesh has released an updated version of GoSimulate. The new version includes a lot of stability fixes and performance improvements, but perhaps most notably, support for the SpaceClaim CAD system.

The full version of GoSimulate is identical, whether you prefer to run IronCAD or SpaceClaim as your modeler, whereas the Lite version is reserved for IronCAD users only.  

Monday, February 14, 2011 - 17:57